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CALL FOR PAPERS: 2024 Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS:  2024 Conference

The SECOLA annual conference this year will be hosted at University College London on the 14th and 15th June and is on the topic of ‘Contract and Power’.

The theme is tantalisingly broad, and we are interested in a range of contributions that explore the various sources, dynamics, and expressions of power that arise within, extend beyond, and bear down on contractual relationships. 

Papers that engage with the following themes will be welcome: 

  • The role of individuals, institutions, doctrines and rules – whether these be private, public or regulatory – in enabling, enhancing, restraining or otherwise shaping contractual power. 
  • Analyses of the ways in which private power exerts its influence within and beyond the contractual relationship.
  • Explorations of contractual power both as a valuable tool as well as a threat. 
  • In particular, we are keen to hear from scholars that tackle the conference theme from the angle of inclusivity and diversity, exploring (for example) how the various manifestations of power may have particular gendered or racialised implications, or may be experienced distinctly by marginalised or vulnerable communities.

Themes may be explored through the lens of contract types, through a particular sector, through legislation (recent or emerging EU legislation is of particular interest for the SECOLA audience) or any other perspective.

Papers may adopt a historical, theoretical, doctrinal, comparative, empirical etc perspective.   

If you would like to participate in this conference, please email the conference organisers Lucinda Miller (l.miller@ucl.ac.uk ) and Pietro Sirena (pietro.sirena@unibocconi.it ) by the 4th Feb 2023 with a working title and a brief description of your paper (50-100 words only). You will hear back from SECOLA organisers shortly afterwards and by the end of February.

Draft papers will be required prior to the conference and shared with conference participants. A selection of papers from the conference will be published, with expected deadline for final submission being early October 2024.