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ERCL 4/2023 Special Issue

Dear Members,

Issue  4/2023 of the ERCL will be dedicated to the topic

30 Years of EU Unfair Contract Terms Law

with all the issues pertaining to the development of this directive, including benchmark of fundamental rights (due process etc.), restitution issues, issues of filling, generic general clauses in multi-level contexts etc. We will choose the articles we can admit according to quality, variety of topics and how fitting they are.

The procedure will be that we consider those abstracts and short description of 1-2 pages that we receive by 30th of June to pietro.sirena@unibocconi.it - and encourage those of you that are particularly fitting (and original) to submit a full paper, typically as well with some suggestions. These abstracts should be telling on the main arguments you are going to make and the main parts of the paper.

The deadline for handing in these papers is 15th of August. You can as well just submit until this date - without having gone through the first phase, and without our first feed-back. Papers should be 8.000-12.000 words ideally.

There will be still a review whether the standard of the proposal is met - lighter than normal peer review. The standards of ERCL, also the style sheet prerequisites, must be met.

Warmest wishes,

Stefan Grundmann and Pietro Sirena