Executive Board

Stefan Grundmann

Prof. Stefan Grundmann

Humboldt University

Executive Board Member and Honorary President

Lucinda Miller

Prof. Lucinda Miller

University College London

Executive Board Member

Jacobien Rutgers

Prof. Jacobien Rutgers

Vrije Universiteit

Executive Board Member

Pietro Sirena

Prof. Pietro Sirena

Bocconi University

Executive Board Member and President


Prof. Başak Başoğlu

Pîrî Reis University

Executive Board Member and Secretary General

Honorary Presidents

The Society has three honorary presidents, all of them being co-founders of the Society: Prof. Hugh Collins (London), Prof. Stefan Grundmann (Berlin), and the late Prof. Cesare Massimo Bianca (Rome). We are deeply grateful for their contribution to the Society and honour them for their path-breaking work. All three are leading scholars in national and in European Contract Law.